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How to make stainless steel shine: Vesuvio's advice

How to make stainless steel shine: Vesuvio's advice

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The elegance of stainless steel surfaces, frequently used in the kitchen, is appreciated regardless of the style chosen to furnish a room. It is much loved for its resistance but, despite this, it still needs proper care so as not to lose the characteristics that distinguish it. In fact, stainless steel tends to lose its natural shine over time. 

Over time, steel objects and finishes tend to lose their natural shine. To get them back to shine there are many simple ways, in this handy guide you will discover how to clean steel.   

How to clean steel with scrubbers and sponges?

To effectively clean any steel surface in your kitchen, be it the sink, the hob or the pots and pans, we recommend using specific cloths and sponges from the Vesuvio line.

For cleaning small surfaces that don't require special attention, just use a microfiber Stainless Steel Cloth, which effectively cleans and polishes at the same time. Used slightly dampened, microfiber cloths are ideal to remove all kinds of dirt in a single pass, without ruining the surfaces, because they are delicate and non-abrasive.

For a deeper cleaning instead, especially if we are faced with more important stains, due to grease or scale, an excellent choice is to use a Scratch Sponge, the perfect product to remove even the most stubborn scale, made with special abrasive fibers that do not leave any scratch but only effectively clean your steel surfaces.

Cleaning steel: which detergents to use?

With regard to the use of detergents, again you must use a mild product, which does not leave stains or halos, but cleans, polishes and sanitizes. We therefore opt for an anti-scale detergent, able together with the right cloths and sponges to remove all kinds of stains and polish the steel, finally saying goodbye to the unsightly effect given by the limestone.

Conclusion: how to clean steel surfaces?

Steel is one of the most present materials in the house, whether it is a modern or not, especially in the kitchen, from the hob to the pots and pans, from the sink to the cutlery. First of all, care must be taken not to clean steel with products, tools or solutions that are too aggressive or abrasive to avoid permanent damage and deterioration.

The right tools for making stainless steel shine are a sponge or soft microfiber cloth, as well as steel-specific or broad-spectrum cleaners. 

Before treating the surface, it is advisable to clean it from any grease residue or halos that may form during meal preparation, using a degreasing spray with a soft sponge or cloth. 

Using hot water during the process can further promote the shine of stainless steel.

Now that steel cleaning has no more secrets, you can get right to work on making your entire home shine!