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How to clean window panes and mirrors?

How to clean window panes and mirrors?

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Having a sparkling clean home at all times is what everyone wants. But how to clean windows and mirrors in a flawless way? There are different products and different techniques to get it right. Let's see what you need to know.

Clean windows from top to bottom

When cleaning your windows, the direction in which you do it is important, which should be from the top down. This way all the dirt will accumulate at the bottom of the windows and can be removed more easily. It is recommended to use a Vesuvio Microfiber cloth to remove the remains of the used product. It is also important to clean the outside of the windows as well as the inside.

Vinegar and water: a trick to clean glass

This is a very simple, effective and economical solution. Simply mix five doses of white vinegar with one dose of water and distribute the solution on the glass. It is an infallible method, because the vinegar is able to remove residual dirt, no matter how dry it is. Warning: it is good to use the Vesuvio Cloth moistened to remove the product well.

Onion or potato to clean windows and mirrors

There is another interesting method: using onions or potatoes to clean windows or mirrors. But in what way? First, you need to cut the onion or potato in half. Secondly, you need to rub the surface with the wet part of the potato or onion and then use a steamer with water and vinegar. Thirdly, you need to let the preparation act for about 10 minutes. Finally, just wipe off the dirt with a Vesuvius cloth.

Lemon: the natural magic to clean home windows

Lemon is great for removing any grease and dirt residue that accumulates on your windows. What you need to do is simple: first, extract the lemon juice and store it in a container. Then mix the juice with warm water and white vinegar. Then, with the help of a sprayer, apply the mixture to the surface to be cleaned. Gradually, the dirt residue will soften and fall off. At that point, all that's left to do is to remove it with the help of a soft delicate cloth like the Vesuvio ones or an old newspaper.

Mirrors: how to remove the most stubborn stains?

Bathroom mirrors are the ones that get dirtied the most. Moisture stains, toothpaste and makeup residue can accumulate there. To remove the simplest stains, a solution of white vinegar and water is enough and should be gently rubbed with cotton dampened with alcohol. To remove more stubborn dirt, a few drops of ammonia can be used.

Vesuvio Microfibre cloths for window cleaning

For a professional, magnifying glass-proof result, consider what you are cleaning your reflective surface from in the first place: if dust has settled, a dry microfibre cloth may be sufficient to collect mites and catch germs. When faced with more stubborn stains and difficult streaks, we will need to resort to the aid of warm water to clean in depth and not leave halos.