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How to choose the best mop for cleaning your home?

How to choose the best mop for cleaning your home?

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Let's face it: cleaning the floor at home is most likely not your favorite thing to do when you have freetime. But a good mop, for washing floors can make this household chore easier, faster and above all more effective!

The mop is a classic for cleaning any home and is still the most used object to have the floor surfaces of the house clean and shiny. 

Over the years, also thanks to technology, performance has improved more and more, with squeezing systems, different materials, different buckets and so on.

In short, one mop is not worth the other! 

If you are still undecided on how to choose the best mop and floor cleaner for cleaning your home, we have written this guide, where you will find lots of useful information and tips to be able to find the solution that best suits your needs.

The advantages of using the floor mop

Going back to childhood, surely one of the memories that each of us has in his mind is the one where our grandmother, or mother, intent on cleaning the floors, with a soapy rag on the ground and a bucket next to it. for rinsing. 

Of course, even today the use of the rag to wash the floor with a brush and stick is very widespread, but for a long time it is a long and tiring type of washing job. 

Fortunately, in addition to these one-time cleaning systems, the mop has greatly facilitated home businesses!

Choosing the mop brings with it a series of notable advantages: 

  • It is not necessary to touch dirty water or a dirty brush;
  • You will not need cloths or rags to dry excess water;
  • Waiting times for floors to dry become much shorter;
  • With most mops, the cloth is reusable and machine washable.

What characteristics must a good mop have  

Let's see together what characteristics a good mop must have.

Centrifuge: first of all, the best mops to be wrung out at their best must have a rotating centrifuge. We can find two systems for the rotation of the mop centrifuge: with pedal or with a pressure on the handle of the mop that must be pushed down Neither system is necessarily better than the other, many users in fact find the pedal system more convenient, others prefer to push the mop down into the spinner to activate the rotation needed to wring out the cloth.

Telescopic handle: the telescopic handle is essential when choosing the best mop, to be able to adjust it to the height of the person using it and to be able to clean the floor more comfortably, easily and quickly.

Removable handle: the handle of the mop must be able to be disassembled, to limit clutter.

Sturdiness: when choosing the best mops, make sure the handle can withstand reasonably vigorous use without bending or breaking.

Articulated and swivel head: if the head of the mop is articulated and swivel, it can easily slip into every corner of the house allowing you to reach more easily around the bathroom fittings, under the bed, cabinets and furniture in general. When it comes to the head, its size is also important. A larger articulating head will allow you to fit a larger mop, thus allowing you to clean a larger area of the floor, thus saving you some cleaning time.

Cloth material: when you have to choose the best mops, the material is also important, microfiber bangs are able to attract dust and dirt particles, even better if it has 3D structure. Because it is made from a synthetic yarn it effectively collects and holds dust, sand and dirt and easily releases debris when rinsed in the bucket. Microfiber also does not lose its color with dirt, so it will always look like new. 

Bucket: not only the mop, but also the bucket has its importance and must have the right capacity and be placed on a structure possibly with wheels for easy transport. 

Lifting and carrying a bucket full of dirty water could also be tricky at times, which is why a drain plug can make it easier to empty the bucket without the fear of leaks or other accidents that might happen.

Ease of use: you should never find it difficult to clean a floor with a mop. A good product should be easy to use as well as gentle on your hands while you are using it. 

Let us know yours too!