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How to clean kitchen cabinets after the holidays

How to clean kitchen cabinets after the holidays

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You've taken down the decorations and cleaned your house, but you're still not satisfied with the cleanliness of your kitchen?
We would like to share with you a small guide in 5 easy steps to thoroughly clean your kitchen cabinets and get the New Year off to a clean start!


During the festive season, more sweets and snacks are eaten, many are given as gifts or made at home. This means that the larder fills up with packages, some unopened, some opened - in short, confusion reigns supreme. In short, confusion reigns supreme. Among other things, some of the packages left open cause the food to lose its freshness and taste.

So if you want to thoroughly clean your kitchen, the first thing to do is to start here, with a good decluttering, emptying the furniture and separating the things that are still good or intact and throwing away those that are no longer fresh.

Chocolates and nougats, for example, can be collected in a jar or box so that they are not forgotten and can be offered easily.

Step 2, clear the worktop

Also clear the worktop and cooker area, tools and utensils, especially if you have ladles and other things hanging around, as they become covered with cooking vapours and grease over time, promoting unpleasant odours.
All items should be washed and set aside to dry while you move on to the next steps. In the meantime the curtains should also be removed and washed, as should the carpet (if you have one at the foot of the kitchen), and other textiles. These absorb odours and dust and should be washed periodically.

Step 3: empty and clean the refrigerator

Those jars of pink sauce left open or leftovers from dinner parties have been waiting too long to be thrown away. Open the fridge and clear it completely, take advantage of a good clean. Shelves, egg cupboard and vegetable drawer all need to be sanitised.
You will see that it will work better, as well as smelling better!

Step 4, cleaning furniture and cupboards

Once you have finished with the decluttering, start by cleaning the different wall cabinets. If you have an external hood, clean that first and then proceed with the cabinets. Start from the top, using a degreaser with a sponge or cloth, and then continue with the sides and the interior. Also degrease and sanitise the worktop, and do the same with all the other units.

Step 5: Wash the floors thoroughly

Now that your furniture is finally clean, put all the objects back on the worktop, take the opportunity to get rid of things that are not strictly necessary or make a few changes, sometimes little is needed to give a new touch to the house; clean the table with a damp cloth and grease gun. Raise the chairs and wash them thoroughly, with the right cloths and plenty of water and floor cleaner.


Once finished you will feel the difference, a feeling of cleanliness and freshness will envelop you and the kitchen will once again become a cosy and pleasant room in which to spend time with your loved ones.
All you have to do is make yourself a cup of coffee, tea or herbal tea and enjoy a well-deserved rest!

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